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Site down & Issue with inbox

Just because you need an email address to fulfill their gig, that doesn’t authorize you to communicate with sellers via email.

Cat is right. You don’t get to communicate via email for ANY reason. It doesn’t become okay just because you aren’t paying via email… Why would Fiverr allow that and where did you get that from? Read the Terms of Service.


Buy still its creating a lot of mess for sellers with active orders. Some of them can’t deliver their orders

How much time will it take man??? We are trapped here!!!

I agree.

It’s not acceptable that people need to go to the forum or Twitter to see what’s going on. I don’t understand why Fiverr hasn’t sent out an email or even put a banner on their website. My buyer seems to think I’m ignoring him. How is that okay? It’s unnecessary.

Saying you’re “working on it” doesn’t tell us what we need to do or how (or if) Fiverr is doing to make sure buyers know we aren’t ignoring them.


Yeah! that’s what I’m talking about. I’m afraid soon my buyer will say the same thing to me

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There’s also no information if we’ll even be updated on when it will be fixed.

Or am I supposed to keep refreshing Twitter to find that out? Am I supposed to keep trying to send the order until it works?

The lack of communication is truly bizarre.


Hey guys I have a current photo of webmaster at Fiverr


Man please please please at least notify everyone please please and please tell us what is wrong with the site

The thing is a lot of Sellers/Buyers do not follow Fiverr on Twitter. So, getting the word out is critical. A mass email is important right now.


Haha, I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with all this :slight_smile:


Hello ,
Please send everyone a notification about this issue .
Otherwise buyers disappoint with sellers.

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:rofl: Right…But sellers have the same situation too

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I was dealing with a new buyer, what a bad impression will be…! :unamused:



You don’t rely on external platforms to get your message out…

Oh, and when you send a message, it should actually include information about what people are supposed to do.

And you should also take action to mitigate the impact of the issue, instead of just saying “We’re working on it”… They clearly don’t have a crisis communications plan in place.


Yea just think about that thousands of people are stressing you at same time.

Honestly I would shit myself.

same here man…even I am a new seller the with whom I was working with wanted to work for a long time with me but now I think he will also cancel the active order

Coupled with the fact that people are stressed out dealing with the coronavirus. Some days I don’t visit the forum, this is not ideal for most.

Hey, @mjensen415 can you put a notice at the top of the forum? To avoid duplicate threads.


Yes, it would be intense!

If I was a developer at Fiverr, I’d be furious that nothing was being done to mitigate that pressure. Tech issues happen. They only escalate if nothing is done to reduce their impact.

People wouldn’t pressure you so much if they were told what was going on and the impact of the issue was being mitigated. But nope. Radio silence.


Same here!
I also face same situation.

Order delivery not working. Hope it will fix soon!
So much trouble.