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Site down since One week

I live in Madrid and I see the site down since Monday. It’s a Longarone time!


I am sorry that you are still having that problem. But I am surprised as to why you waited for an entire week to try and find a solution. Did you check the forum posts or try and contact CS as soon as you experienced the issue? The Fiverr site was actually never offline (in the last 1 week, as far as I know).

Anyway, the solution to your problem is to delete all the Fiverr related (if possible) cookies and caches from your web browser. Fiverr also recommends that we use Google Chrome.

If you are unable to access the Fiverr website despite trying the above-mentioned steps, you should contact CS. They might be able to help you out better.



There was a problem a few days ago and the above advice was the solution.