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Site is down for me

says im working so is cloudfare in london but then the host is down

error 522

Ray ID: 173235d27bbe0634

Yep - uploads have been restricted all day and now the site is down… again!

That’s just awesome - I have a file to upload for an American client (that I said would be with her now) and I can’t upload it!!! Great work Fiverr!

… back now! Just trying that upload.

… upload working now as well.

This happens to often for my liking!

AND DOWN AGAIN!!! Like a bloody yo-yo! Half way through an upload as well.

How are you supposed to work like this?

Can a very kind kind hearted seller get a message to one of my buyers??? I can’t get on the site to message him!!!

Yeah, for me too, all day. I can’t upload my delivery files and it’s driving me insane. Having to explain to clients that Fiverr had technical difficulties just sounds like the lamest cop-out excuse for a belated reply (or if this keeps going, late delivery) ever. I feel like it’s been doing this for a couple of weeks. What on earth is going on.

Reply to @inkpetal: Exactly!!! I was 55 minutes away from going over on one of my deliveries and I could see the client messaging me (as I have the email alerts switched on) but I had no way of telling him I’d been trying to upload it for the last two hours!!!

You can’t help but feel like you’re giving out lame excuses.

Fiverr need to sort this out - at least issue an email to all buyers at times like this so they know sellers are pulling their hair out whilst the servers get patched up!

Reply to @artworkking: I wonder what it is that’s going wrong. If I owned a billion dollar company that relied on a website being up to keep making money I’d be irate that a service I’m (one would assume) paying top dollar for was so flaky.

Reply to @inkpetal: It’s not like they’re under ‘cyber attack’ or anything. They are a top 200 website, but their support/IT team seem to be fresh out of college.

Simply not acceptable.

Reply to @artworkking: One of them responded to my thank you reply with “your welcome”. I kid you not. So maybe even high-school drop outs :wink:

I kid! I’m sure they’re spectacular, but there definitely ought to be more of them around. @madmoo Hey moo, YOUR WELCOME. cringe

Reply to @madmoo: Obey my dog!