Site lagging (Possible update?)


So basically, reviews are registering slowly, the site is lagging, and the mobile version is showing messages/notifications faster. The last time this I remember this happening was when Fiverr was getting the new GUI update. Anyone else experencing this?


I see some lagging, I also noticed all of my gigs are removed from the Best Selling list in searches. Wow


Well damn, I don’t think the gigs being removed has anything to do with the site lagging.


I knew this would happen. After 6-months of update horror, you go and ruin my Christmas by saying that just as I have my earnings and orders booming like they should be, another update is on the way.

Let us all pray that this isn’t an update but just a sign that your personal Internet has just become a bit less neutral.

That said, I have just made myself accidentally frighteningly wealthy trading Bitcoin, so I don’t really care. I get it now @writer99025, I finally get it. - it feels good telling people :slight_smile:


Like I said, it’s probably gonna be a GUI update. Many people earlier this month reported having a new site theme which I think is probably rolling out for everyone.

My advice, trade it in, now! A lot of new better players are taking the stage and soon Bitcoin will be obsolete. If people like me are feeling it then the fall of Bitcoin is very close.


Nah, I’m more clever than that, hence why I regularly get my articles retweeted by John McAfee. I bought Bitcoin as a lottery ticket. I’ve already created a diversified portfolio out of some profits which has already gone up by 300%. Plus I don’t really care about money. The best people in life are poor. Even if my Bitcoin investments net me millions I will carry on as I am and only really change my life by being in a position to help out people whenever I get chance.

That said, I’m a dog person so I’ll probably help more dogs than people.


I just heard something about Bitcoin going public on the N.Y. stock exchange? Congratulations!


Yeah, I must admit that was an excuse for a wee bit celebration using the said air money…


Your lady friend is cute. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats man, I’m gonna wait it out, this is what a bubble looks like.


I wish I understood bitcoin. I can’t wrap my mind around it.