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Site navigational melt down

I am new to fiverr and am lost regarding navigating the site and am getting really frustrated.

I have no idea how to see my profile as it is seen by buyers, I don’t know what to do marketing wise to try and get my first gig and am really unsure how to go about all this.

As I go through the videos and explanations on the site I end up becoming very confused and end up with more questions than answers. HELP!!


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In the fiverr main page, got to your image on the top right of the screen, click there and click “My profile” then under your slogan should say “Preview Public Mode”.

You can check this post to get some ideas Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Thank you. I now know how to access my Public Profile without muttering under my breath LOL.


In addition to what @gabrielavila96 advised check out:

for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll just add that the link to anyone’s profile is a simple[username]

Hello, it may take some time spent simply trying different things and looking around clicking on everything to see what happens. Give yourself time to learn by exploring everything on the site you can. It will in time seem easier.