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Site should encourage buyers to spend more than $5

The site could discourage $5 buyers, meaning psychologically letting them know they are not getting full benefits like all those other buyers, in subtle ways by making them feel like second class citizens somehow. What I mean is making them feel bad for only spending $5, so that they get at least one extra.

This could be done by automatically giving sellers an extra day to deliver on any $5 order.
Or not allowing the $5 buyer to leave less than 5 star feedback.
Or sending a pop up message “89% of buyers get at least one extra with this gig”

I’m just throwing these ideas out there. It seems like there could be a way the site could automatically encourage buyers to spend more than just a $5 gig.

I honestly think they branded it too heavily in the mind-sets of buyers that they get the world for $5 and ultimately Fiverr profits as long as the individual places the order because even if the order is cancelled, the funds still stay on Fiverr. With this in mind, it’s rather unfortunate but I don’t think things will change any time soon. I figure their attempt to bring more money in was the gig packages, which from my experience actually works really well.

I’m glad to hear they work well for you. I just want to start my prices at $10 or $15 instead of $5 and keep the rest the same.
I think it would help a lot to suggest somehow to all the $5 buyers that they are not getting the full treatment.
They need to know automatically they won’t get the standard service from anyone-- it’s bargain basement with lower service.