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Site will fail if people do not respond to msgs

If people want to make money they should respond to the potential customers that send them messages

Are you have a problem in particular? My response time has been 1 hr for over a year and I pride myself in responding to enquiries as soon as I can. Hopefully other sellers do the same!

Reply to @sexygirl18: yes. Need logo and 4x6 flyer designed. Not paying unit ill I have correspondence as well as feeling as though the said individual can handle what I’m looking for

I’d suggest trying multiple sellers until you get a reply. Many of us respond very quickly here.

my Avg. Response Time is also 1 Hrs. and i’m so happy about it,

As @writerlisaz said, you should always try different sellers. For example, write to each one of the sellers and see how much time it will have to get a response, then you will be able to choose the right one.

Like you, I prefer to communicate with sellers via messages before purchasing. I find that it’s important to be patient though, especially if their location tells me they’re in a drastically different time zone than I’m in. No one can really give one hour replies round the clock. Unless they’re on an Uberman sleep schedule, they have to sleep sometime.

I’ve bought flyers and lots of logos on fiverr with outstanding results…and never messaged the seller in advance. Just pick someone with high ratings and lots of positive reviews. Realize these folks are doing $200 design work for $12. Don’t nitpick, micro manage, make them do revisions. These people are highly rated because they’re experts. Trust their judgement and be happy you’re getting great work for cheap.

I have msgd multiple people over a week ago up to a few days ago. Not a single response. That’s more than enough time to get over the drastic geographical difference.

Reply to @buddkindly: if you have not got the reply yet,send me a brief description.