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Six months passed but no order was received

It’s been about six months since I made my GIG and I still haven’t received an order.
What do I need to do to get an order?


Hey my friend @bkaveesha. I think, You need to modify your gigs like:: title,description,image,tags…
ok think you promote your gigs.
Thank you so much and best wishes for you. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Is it inappropriate to extend the title of a gig?

can i know, your daily gigs impression rate>??

About 15 impressions a day

yes, it’s need to modify.
when you see> impression rate 90+ that is good and positive thing and also can reach buyer/clients. ok. I thing you understand.


Thanks for your explanation

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Thank too. best wishes to my friend.

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Make sure your Gig Profile and Description looks good. Compare your page to others who are selling the same thing as you. Once you know everything looks good, then make sure you are promoting your gig link on Social Media daily. Also, get SEO (search engine optimization) for your gig link. And, you will start getting orders.

Hint: Make sure to log in to Fiverr daily for a little while and browse the Community Forum, too.

Don’t Give Up.


Offer something that people really need and are willing to spend their hard-earned money on; it should also be something you’re really, really good at. As in, so good that people are certain that your work will greatly contribute to their business and bring them money (that’s why they’d hire you, after all; they’re not going to hire you just to give you money or just to be nice to you).

It helps if what you offer isn’t also offered by 10,000+ other sellers.


That is not a big deal…you are given 10 bid per day so utilize that…optimize your keywords/gig etc which will help you to see relevant job posts. Keep trying one day you will get an order!

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I am not sure why you keep repeating this advice as if it is going to magically get anyone orders.

Logging in daily and browsing the forum is not going to get you orders, clicks or impressions.



If someone keeps logging into the Community forum, they will find answers to their questions about getting clicks and orders. Many new sellers have lots of questions and want them answered. Visiting the Community forum is a great idea and resource for everyone here on Fiverr.

I have learned so much from other people’s posts on the Community Forum. I encourage others to always visit the forum for new information and updates. It will help grow your Fiverr business.

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OK, but that is NOT how you phrased this “speech” to begin with. You made it sound as though if one just logs into the site daily and also visits the forum that Fiver is “watching” and somehow that will garner favor with them and they will think you deserve to be sent buyers.

Anyways, at this point, replying to you on this subject is like a dog chasing its tail. Time consuming and tiring.



need to update your gig with more SEO effective.

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  • Active 24hours in a day.

  • SEO Update your gig.

  • Low competition research and create a gig with low competition.

  • Always try to active in fiverr forum.

  • Upload video in your gig

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Thank you all for giving me valuable ideas. :yellow_heart:

Very sad I hope you research again and update your gig

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Don’t worry. it is common. some freelancer get order first week and some freelancer get order after three month But you have to wait and edit your gig .

  1. You have to Write short informative description and eye catching gig profile.
  2. Gig title and description should be unique and SEO friendly.
  3. You need marketing your gig like twitter marketing, linden marketing, reddit marketing, tumbler marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, blogger marketing, SlideShare marketing, etc.
  4. Everyday you should send buyer request.
  5. Active online minimum 12 hours in a day

Finely Be patient and don’t give up this platform.


Thank you for giving me valuable ideas