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Six things I learned from fiverr


Hello everyone,

Its been 3-4 Months I have been active on Fiverr. Interacting and dealing with people from all over the world has taught me 6 things.

  • Hard-work pays off.
  • Its harder in start but after earning your first income, you can take it to the top.
  • Treating your customers with care is the key to success.
  • Creativity makes you different from other.
  • Completing and delivering your work before and on time is one big factor in success.
  • If you take interest in your work rather than considering it work, you will reach the skies.




Thank you for sharing some insight. I find as a customer I always appreciate effort put into not only what i receive in product, but also in communications. making that extra step is what makes a service unique, and allows for creativity in dynamic contact.


It’s all your hard-work and dedication towards your work which will make you on top…


Some people might be willing to work hard but no orders.