Six weeks into my fiverr experience


Six weeks in and the frustration is beginning to get to me. I am obviously new to Fiverr, and in the Voice Over category, where there are some great sellers who’ve made their mark already. So far I completer one order that I secured by responding to a buyer request. The buyer chose not to leave feedback, so no help there. I have made tweaks here and there to my gig, and am adding a couple to give me a bit more exposure. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t need a little inspiration.

Fortunately, someone reminded me of a quote by Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, a great book for any entrepreneur to read. Hill wrote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

Positivity has been hard to maintain the last few years as I have worked full time. I finally made the decision to take steps toward voice acting, and fiverr provides a great medium for that. But it can also be frustrating. I was glad for that piece of inspiration, and hope maybe it will help someone else in my situation to press on toward success with their gig!


Are you promoting your gig and voiceover services anywhere else online? Are you targeting potential customers that need your unique voice work?


I think the changes that I’m making to my first gig, plus the extra gigs I’m going to add, will specifically highlight things I can offer with my voice work to potential customers.

As far as advertising on social media, I need to look into that more. I guess my concern right now is that my Twitter and Facebook presence as a voice artist is not very big. I need to start expanding my audience with those so that if I promote my fiber g as far as advertising on social media, I need to look into that more. I guess my concern right now is that my Twitter and Facebook presence as a voice artist is not very big. I need to start expanding my audience with those so that if I promote my gig people will actually see it. Any advice you have on the matter would be more than appreciated


I have seen your gig. I like your voice.:+1: I am going to hire you for my next project.
I feel the number of words in your basic package is less than most of the competitors. It should be around 150.


Building a fan base is not easy. Some professional musicians, for example, spend years building and growing their fan base. I, myself, direct a few fiction projects, and it’s taken me about 4-5 years to get to the strong following that I have right now.

The only practical advice that I can offer is: figure out what makes you and your services unique, determine who might develop a passion for you or your services, and then find ways to captivate their attention. How you do this is something you’ll have to figure out. No two fan bases are ever the same. Your fan base, and your supporters, will be as unique as you are. Find creative ways to appeal to them, and you’ll have the groundwork for a solid fan base that will grow.

Just be aware, this is neither an easy task, nor a quick one. You will have to work hard, be determined, but yet accept the element of patience that is also required.

The success (and/or profit) of building a loyal fanbase rarely ever happens overnight.


Aww I feel for you! I just joined today and feel equally as confused at the moment. I think it is a great initiative to have a place like this where just anyone can create gigs for free, but the downside to that is that there are SO many gigs, it is literally impossible to navigate through, as a seller or as a buyer. There is so much stuff that seems like spam, and so much stuff that is irrelevant, and then there are those that seem like they’ve done this since this website first started and got a monopoly on the content they are offering. Does this website even work for people signing up in 2017?


if it makes you feel any better, it took me 2 months until I got my first sale here. Perhaps try creating another gig? that way it will be shown in the ‘new arrivals’ search function. I don’t know how or why someone decided to buy from me that very first time, but rest assured, someone will :slight_smile:
i’d also suggest offering more words to start out… for example, the first 2 months or so of selling, my $5 gig included 300 words in 24 hours, including every possible search result for $5… commercial use, separate files, music, EVERYTHING. that way people who are searching for all of those, will see yours for the cheapest and they might be enticed to buy. crazy, and i worked my butt off for literally pennies or nothing, but doing it that way started to get me reviews and eventually I started ranking higher in searches and finally was able to level out my main gig to the current prices that I’ve had about the past 6 months.

it takes time and really pleasing everyone single buyer-- doing this by offering a lot for a cheap price, going the extra mile and over-delivering to get the reviews, but it’ll be worth it after you gain perhaps 100 or more reviews and then you can price yourself more realistically. it’s a tough thing to break into, and I’m by no means an all-star here, but i’m happy with the volume of orders/sales I make here… but to break in on fiverr where the competition is SO steep, you really have to have cheap prices and a great demo reel to back it up when starting.

also sign yourself up on multiple freelance sites. I’d be uber frustrated if all I relied on was fiverr. best of luck!



I’m on the audio department too. Sometimes I get orders where I need to hire a voice over artists, I’ll keep you in mind since I really enjoyed the demos.
I’d suggest adding a video that’s not just a picture with voice over. Just to make things more interesting.
Best of luck :slight_smile:


I think it can work for people starting now, but I also agree that we are a little late to the party. We have a bit more work to do to get going than before Fiverr got a big. I think we just need to find way to stand out among the crowd.


Actually, I am planning to pick up a new webcam this week and redo my video. The one on my computer right now isn’t great, but once I get the new one I plan to record a better intro.

In the meantime please do let me know if I can be of service. I’m definitely excited about getting quality audio out and building this career, and if it goes well I’ll be happy to help with future projects as well!


Thanks for the tips!!! I’m actually adding gigs, but need to work on separate demos for them. As soon as they are done I plan to put them up. By the time I am done I will have four gigs posted.