SIX WEEKS? seriously?


i opened a support ticket on january 24th 2017 to report that one of my regular buyers cannot see my messages to him and i cannot see his messages to me. we both could read them in our email notifications, but on fiverr, they disappeared. so after a couple of weeks with support telling me it was my imagination, they finally said they’d forward the issue to the technical team. that was SIX WEEKS AGO and that was the last i heard from support.

and now i don’t even get email notifications from him, just the first couple of words on my message preview, so i’m kinda missing out on income. and support is ignoring me.

i don’t know what else to do, other than to come here and spout off about it. any ideas?

Sometime i get message notification but not the message in inbox

Brutal. Is it the same situation if you use the mobile app?


Why are they like that? That doesn´t sound good (I don´t mean you).


hmm, i don’t have the app, but maybe i’ll look into it. thanks! :smiley:


i know, right? and sellers are judged on their response rate! heck, even if they can’t figure out the problem, it’d be nice if they’d just tell me…


Ignoring a top seller?! :fearful:
Am I outta planet earth?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Fiverr has the worst message system in the world. Often it doesn’t display the entire message history. I have to copy paste to maintain a message history, since my projects often involve lengthy technical discussions.


agreed! and they’re approaching Comcast-level customer service at the moment.


yup. heck, i don’t mind being ignored, but when it’s affecting my ability to make money, that’s when i get cranky!


I’ve actually had issues just like that!

I never contacted support as it somehow always got resolved,

Sorry to hear (send a follow up message to CS)

:bulb: Joe


i think my next step will be to open a new support ticket just to get someone’s attention. a support ticket about a support ticket, lol.


Yes! Keep me updated, curious to know!

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@chrishardy That sounds like a good idea.


You may want to include in your new ticket, to check if one of you had accidentally clicked on the report/spam button.
They wouldn’t be able to reverse that, but at least you’d know why (If they could even tell you)

Aside from that, I’ve found a lot of issues I have with the site are “stale cookies” and browser-cache related.
Every so often, you need to wipe the browser history/cache/cookies clean, then the weirdness goes away. (For me)


ooh, good idea! i hope it’s the spam/report thing. i know it’s not cookie or browser related because that was the first thing i checked and each customer service rep would ask me that same thing (instead of scrolling up to see what my answer was to the previous rep, lol).


UGH I feel cursed for responding first on this haha. This is happening to me at the moment. I created a ticket, super frustrating, this is one of my most loyal buyers I’m dealing with too…
@thecreativeguys how long did it take to get resolved?


Either it happened by itself or the buyer sent me a followup message which I received. I’m not fully convinced it was resolved though ;(

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Inbox issue-- can't see incoming message!

thanks for getting back to me. I messaged them and I’m pretty sure they aren’t seeing what I sent either. Hoping they try again and not just think I’m ignoring them.


not sure buddy… they havent been able to fix even the simplest stuff for me… I’ve given up and moved on.