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Size variation causing confusion

Hi everyone,

My gig is for 1 web banner. When I selected what the buyer received, I had to select 1 size variation, to enable the gig extra to purchase additional sizes.

Screenshot 2020-04-07 at 07.49.51

The customers, are however all thinking that 1 size variation means 2 sized banners.

I have to agree that the wording is perhaps ambiguous… Does anyone know what the real intention is with the “1 size variation”?


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Huh, that is a bit confusing. Maybe add a FAQ that clarifies?

I do clarify in my gig description, but at the moment, the buyers have not really been reading gig descriptions :woman_shrugging:

Oh, so this is for a gig that already exists. I misunderstood.

Hmm. Maybe remove the extra? (How many people have actually ordered it?) Then you can make a note that custom offers are available on request? I’m honestly not sure how to remove this confusion otherwise.

I suppose you could just raise the price to cover 2 sizes.

I have removed it since. I was just wondering if I was perhaps misunderstanding the 1 size variation, but I think it is a mistake made by Fiverr. Thanks for your suggestions :slight_smile:

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