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Skeptical about request from buyer

Hello Fiverr community,

My name is Bryan and I’m a professional voice talent.
I’m rather new to Fiverr, I’ve done a couple jobs so far on the platform and everything has been fine.

I recently received a message from someone that stated he needs a voice over for his Anime channel. At first all communication seemed just fine. However, he stated he wants me to provide him with a audition of the script… in full. I told him I’m more than happy to pronounce any words and do a couple minute read. However, doing the full script for you with no order is too excessive.

My gut tells me that this is completely suspect. Why would i do the whole job for no money or order as a audition just to make sure i can pronounce names correctly. ( in his defense anime names can be hard to pronounce)

Looking for some feedback. Oh, and when I go to search the user I can’t find him. In my opinion it’s a scam to get me to do the work for free.


I think it’s a scam too. If I were you, don’t do it. They could have just asked you to just pronounce the names if they wanted to hear if you could do it corectly


What do you mean you can’t find the user? Did they delete their account? Regardless, I’d say you avoid working with him, listen to your gut feeling!

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When i type the user name into the search function, nothing pulls up. The user has no profile picture either.

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If you really want to see their profile, try to directly change the URL: fiver-dot-com-slash-username
I doubt you’ll find much information, though.

Honestly, I agree that this buyer is demanding too much.
As for something to consider:: So You Want to Hire a Writer - Should You ask for Samples? (I am aware that this is a different category, but there’s still a LOT of good points to consider.)


An audio audition in full? Your instincts are right - tell him you’re happy to provide a - 15 second! - test audio for [whatever you charge for that] … but no full script reading without being paid.

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Thank you for your time and response. I appreciate it.

Thank you. You’re right, way too demanding.

thank you…