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Sketchy seller? Thoughts?

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this topic but just recently I had a suspicious conversation with a seller. Without getting too much into it, here is some key notes. This is a new seller that joined in Sept, there are no reviews but 1 rating. Seller says they provide professional results. Seller sent me a download link of a text file saying they cant talk about certain details on the fivere chat so requested we use whatsapp (which i believe would require us to exchange phone numbers) Seller does not have a website or did not provide a work history or portfolio I can see. Seller disclosed a prior clients tipping amount even though I did not ask or say anything related to that. I was thinking about reporting that account but not sure how to do that. For now I’m just ignoring that account but they seemed like they expect me to reply soon about working with them. Anyone’s thoughts?


it’s against the ToS , definitely a big warning sign there…


Yep. Incredibly sketchy. Report the account.

It’s either a scam or the seller is trying to get you do work off of Fiverr, which is against the ToS.


Hover over the message until you see the "Flag button along with the text “Report”, click on it and choose the relevant options to report. Note: Your report will be kept anonymous.


I think others have given enough clues about this seller by now! However, a couple of thoughts.

Anyone who feels the need to use the word ‘professional’ is likely to be masking their inexperience. Whereas saying something like “I have 10 years’ experience as a XXX” is a little more meaningful.

And if I had doubts about the integrity of a seller / buyer, I certainly wouldn’t have downloaded a link from them. Occasionally we do see reports in the forum from people who’ve downloaded malicious content.


Wow :star_struck:

Yells stay away, it will end in disaster.

It has spoiler alert :rotating_light: all over.

Never give your number or personal details, as

  1. TOS
  2. to protect your work and insure you will be paid and get a review.

10c worth


I agree to some degree, “I have a professionally equipped …” is the kind of context where I feel it’s okay to use such a word, it’s when it’s in the context of “I’m a professional” that it becomes nothing more than word fluff which means nothing.

I feel “expert” is a bigger red flag to watch out for, especially those who spell it “expart”. Argh.

Why is it when I see people who describe themselves as experts their profile shows little to no expertise? Just another pet hate to add to the list…

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