Skill aquiring


I want to learn to do more things, so I can increase my gigs, but I don’t know what is what or what sells the most . Any suggestions?


No offense, but you are selling writing gigs, yet your descriptions, and even your gig titles, have typos, misspellings, grammar mistakes and word misuse. You would probably see more sales if you correct those glaring issues.

As far as what to sell: only you know what are your skills. You can get an idea about “what sells the most” by browsing the site. Easily the largest category is online/business marketing, but that covers a huge scope of services and products.


From what I have heard and seen, gigs in the “Graphics & Design” category sell really well. I’d suggest you to go for logo creation or photoshop editing!


An excerpt from your bio:

"…for my dream is to start a publishing company doing what I love…"

Do you mean book publishing? What if you offered a service of converting a Word doc into a nice-looking Kindle format e-book?


There are some great kindle books about divert that offer really good advice.


Why thank you for the constructive Criticism. I made some changes. Thanks for the advice peoples.