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Skill needed for a competitive musician gig?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. Apologies if I categorized it incorrectly.
I’ve been a buyer of various gigs for a few months now (officially a VID now :joy: ), and I was thinking about adding a gig or two as a seller in the ‘session musician’ category for a fun pastime. However, I’m not really sure what is considered ‘good enough’ for a competitive/quality gig, even after looking through the various gigs.

I think I have an edge on most people in the category as far as mixing goes, and I would consider myself proficient at the instruments I was thinking about (guitar/bass/drums), but I wouldn’t consider some top-level musician that can play anything (e.g. prog metal guitar solos)

This is understandably a vague question, but do you have any tips/opinions on when to know your skills are viable enough to sell?

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Do some research on that and create a gig. Bear in mind that new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.

Check this out:

You have nothing to lose. :slightly_smiling_face: