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Skill Test Bug Report

When I publish my gig. I face some problems. I attached a screenshot for your look. I see when I start my exam I am stopped the exam. My Computer pop up in allow. But I did not found the problem.

Please check this let me know this issue.

Thank You

I also fall in same problem. After answering 2-3 question the test window stop and I can not found that. One of my attempt has failed. However in the next day I got passed.

Did you pass or you didn’t try at all???

I too got same error 2 days in a row, this is very irritating, did you raise this issue to customer service? If not, I believe you should as I did.

I am facing the same issue. I tried to publish the gig and was asked to take the test. I opened it and there was a bug and i thought may be i should refresh and then when i closed the window it said you deliberately closed the window. Now can’t take test for next 90 days.
Fiverr support center should sort this out.