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Skill Test Errors

I tried creating a new gig and fill out all the essentials. Before publishing it I got this error saying you need to pass the English Skill Test even tough I already passed 2 different English tests. Anyways I clicked take test and the test did not appear instead it gave an error “error 403”. I refreshed the page and then another error came after refreshing saying “ticket already used”. I tried multiple times but the same happens upon each try. I tried taking other tests (virtual assistant test) and the same thing happened to that too. An error occurred each time I opened the test so was unable to take the test but the result section is

showing failed for the virtual assistant test

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Others have been experiencing many issues with test-taking this week.
Apparently Fiverr has decided to scrap a lot of the tests, and some aren’t outright working. Their end is buggy.

But anyways… tests on Fiverr are simply decorative, and some are a joke. You have a diploma, a degree, various certifications and videos in which you speak English, which are well more than enough!

I agree with you undoubtedly but the thing is that it wont let me post the gig without passing the test. somehow the skill test is necessary to publish the gig

Ahhh, it’s one of those gigs for which you need tests, I knew about them, sorry.
I’d say to contact support at this point or see if they have a list of deprecated tests before we call it a bug.

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Hi @mecha_artistix

I am a new fiverr seller and am experiencing the same thing. Did support help you solve the issue? How did you get passed this and publish your gig?

Hi @antoinetteclou! I have recently faced a similar situation which has been resolved today. If you are still facing the issue, you should remove the cache and cookies from your browser and refresh the page. That should fix the problem and you will be able to publish the gig without sitting for the test again.