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Skill Test for Voice Overs? No Category!

Hi Fiverr’ss
Why is the skill test showing up in my profile?
There is no category for VO. Am I supposed to take the test in something i’m
not proficient in ?
I’m confused.

Steve Maxell


Where does the skill test show up? I don’t see it on my profile, but I do have skills set already…

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View profile, public mode …on the left under description

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I see that you have voice actor under skills - is that what you are talking about?

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they do? let me look

Yup! And I just added that to my profile - didn’t see that tag before.

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whats the category sub category i cant find it :thinking:

Where are you looking? Same place?

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that tag is just your category underneath

hmmm…I don’t think I’m following you…

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There is no category for voice over in skill test, for audio in general for that matter

Hmmm, maybe this is new since I signed up? I haven’t heard of a skill test for VO.

That’s what I’m asking, strange it should show up when there is no category

Yes! Maybe it’s a bug. I can’t seem to get to a spot where I even have an option for a skill test.

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You could do the grammar test or something like that because of the proofreading extra. Though there’s only a US English grammar test I think.

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Where do you get to the skill tests? I can’t find it…

On your profile when logged in if it’s been rolled out to you yet.

Hmmm - it must not be. I’ll keep an eye out!