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Skill Test needs to be more various and modern

Hi everyone,

I’ve just realized, some skill tests are really out of date and there are not enough options. (I mean skill test needs variety)

For example, SketchUp (modeling program) version of the test not too up-to-date and I couldn’t understand even the questions. Nobody uses that version of the program now but the test is about the old version.

And another problem for me. More than a hundred gig about Turkish to English or English to Turkish. But there is no skill test about Turkish.

I hope these features will update soon. Thanks for your time.

Edit: uncertain info.


They are quite out of date. eg. there’s a skills test for Windows 8 but no test for Windows 10 despite Windows 10 coming out in 2015. And they should have a wider variety of tests as well as fix issues with the existing tests.

Though the tests are currently created by an external site/company (though Fiverr has the interface to it), so I’m not sure whether Fiverr will add to/update the tests or whether it would have to be done by that external company.

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No. On the web you can find several lists of languages by number of total speakers, or for number of native speakers, but none of these lists the Turkish language at the fifth place.

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Not “None of these lists” but I edited the topic because of uncurtaining information. Thanks.

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