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Skill test result not showing up in profile

I recently gave the analytical skills test and cleared it with a score of 7.2 but to my surprise, it is not showing up on my seller’s profile page. I checked the forum for any solutions but did not find any, that’s why I am posting here. Is it a kind of bug? or am I doing something wrong?
Any kind of help would be appreciated.



I see mine under my profile

Dude I had a same experience like you.
I passed and score 8.9 in English test again it appears in mailchimp gig opening time I thought it’s a bug and skip the test. Now after 3 month I can attend this exam and can open my gig!!

bro, I took the test yesterday. I don’t know why is it not showing up.

I took the test three months ago and received a 9.2. My score used to appear on my profile and today I realized it was gone?

i had a same problem