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Skill Test Score Really Helps?

Greetings Everyone !

I have just joined Fiverr on yesterday. Almost everything is new for me on this platform. So I would like to know something from you ;
I have passed on a Virtual Assistant Skill Test and got 8 out of 10 score .Now i am wondering that Is this skill test going to help me to get orders? Does it really works on Fiverr ?


Even I would like to know this!

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Absolutely, they work.
There is more chance to get order for those who pass test with good score.
If tests were not meant to help you then why they are created.
Of Course it helps.

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It doesn’t help with ranking or sales.

The only situation when it helps is it shows the customer that you actually know the topic pretty well. However, that means the customer is already on your profile page to see it. Unfortunately most people don’t visit the profile page, so… that’s one of the reasons I removed any skill test scores myself.


Hope we will get some helpful replies from experienced members.

I thought about the same issue. I think very few buyer visit the seller’s full profile.

I wish it does help us

Here, this should cover some of your questions:

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aw! thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: