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Skill Test Suggestion & Experience 💭

Hello Community,

I’m going to give a Skill Test tomorrow. Can you guys suggest me anything for preparing for the exam or other exception? I will be very appreciative of that.:hugs:

You guys can also share your Skill Test Experiences so that new freelancers like me get benefited from them.

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And I’d like to know the difference between these two English tests offered by Fiverr. Which is more convenient for me to take as a new seller? Can I take both?

Thanks in advance.

Both of the English tests are pretty similar. One covers sentence structure more and the other covers more words and definitions.

You can take both! You can take as many tests as you would like, but once you’ve done the test twice, you can only do it again 3 months later!


Which one covers sentence? And thanks for sharing krheate, I appreciate it.:heartpulse:

I’m not really sure. Sorry!

It’s been a while since I took the English tests, but based on what I remember, they’re all pretty similar.

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It’s not a problem. thanks :wink: