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I have create a new account on fiverr in graphics design. I see there have a option for skill test. But i don’t know how to pass in exam. So how can i pass in it


You must answer at least 60% of the 40 questions correctly within the time limit set (40 mins). Then you will pass the test. :

Exam skill test

I have not yet recived the skill test


Can I choose if I want to share the results of the test or not? Or is it automatically shared on my profile?


You can choose to share or to hide your test results. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi there,
If you failed the exam, the results are automatically hidden from the public. If you passed the exam,You have the option to show or hide your results from the public profile.


Yes, that’s correct. At least if the Chrome browser is used (on one browser (IE) on a test with a lot of categories (11) it didn’t give me the option to turn off the display of the test results on the profile).


Are you saying that you did not get a choice as to whether or not your results would be displaye? :open_mouth:


Only with that one test that had 11 topics and when using IE. When I used the Chrome browser it then gave me the option to not display it on the profile.

See screenshots. Same test. One screen shot with Internet Explorer and the other with Chrome.



You know what happened, i gave the test and got 9.0 in the social media marketing. after that, it said i failed it. I contacted Fiverr they said… we don’t know what happened… and I have to give the test again and then i got 8.0. Huh… stupid bugs. and I was on chrome.

I am now focussing on learn from fiverr and finishing that asap.