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Skilled writer offering erotica/romance writing services

I’ve been writing for 15+ years, and have won awards for my work. Now that I’m trying to make some extra cash, I thought I’d try writing erotica and romance on Fiverr. So far, I’ve had quite a bit of luck with my erotica gigs:

and have recently started up a romance gig, as well:

If anyone is curious, or if anyone is an erotica writer on here just looking to discuss the business, I’d be thrilled to talk to just about anyone :slight_smile: Thanks! xxx

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Wow! Just had a read of your erotic writing example :open_mouth:

Hope that’s a good wow! :smiley: But thank you! I know erotica is not for everyone, but I’m trying to figure out how to spread the word more about my work.

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A good wow lol. Very well written :slight_smile: Definitely paints a picture!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: I’m hoping that more people begin to see it again – I had to cancel a lot of orders due to sickness, so my gig fell off the first page, whoops. But really, thank you :slight_smile: That made my night.

No problem at all. I’ve never really read any erotica before. omg :rofl:

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I’m sure your gigs will pick up again! You’re obviously a very talented writer.

This is honestly just what I need to hear tonight because I’ve been feeling a bit down about my gigs dropping off the front page, so thank you! :slight_smile: Really. And if you ever want any erotica written, then… well, I’ll give you a discount. haha.

I’m glad it cheered you up :slight_smile: Just out of curiosity, is it predominantly women or men that purchase your gig?

It’s a mix. Honestly you’d be surprised at who purchases what, haha.

I bet. Do you copyright the writing, or do you essentially sell them distribution rights when they purchase the gig?

I offer them the distribution rights, because I have no need for them, lol. I work on my own novels and don’t plan to publish erotica.

How did you get into it?

Someone told me a long time ago that erotica sells well… and they were right :slight_smile: lol.

:joy: Fair play to you.

Exactly! More people should write erotica on here, lol. It really does sell well.

True, but the less of them, the more business for you :slight_smile:

You mentioned you’ve won awards. Amazing! What awards have you won?

If only you could have been commissioned to write the GOT Season 8 finale. :wink:

Nice work. I don’t read erotica but yours was surprisingly engaging and not at all what I was expecting. Nicely subtle too.

Maybe think about upping your prices. 99% of people who charge $20 for 1,500 words of any kind of content on Fiverr can’t use a comma, never mind write to a decent standard.


I’ve won awards for prose at Columbia and other awards for my poetry. :slight_smile: