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Skills are not important, only good reviews are important here

Its really sad to say Stills are not important, only good reviews are important for getting further order. if you have good skills but you haven’t such kind of capability for marketing yourself then you are not a competent worker. a developer may not have marketing skill that’s why he/she is not qualified for getting an order. is it a right procedure to judge a good worker ?


Perhaps Yes in freelancing market.
However, there is going to be certified exam tagged to your profile where you can showcase your skill. Might help you in coming days.
Your Gigs looks awesome, just little polish will work. Have patience… you will succeed.


that’s great and thank you for your valuable opinion. would you please mention where editing is necessary ? it will be highly appreciable. Regarding exam tagged, still yet not available for my id.


Your skill set is different. I can not suggest. But my saying is that, just alter few tag, wording, pricing etc FREQUENTLY.
Secondly, I am also eagerly waiting to appear the test. Lets see

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you once again. stay blessed.

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sorry for everything

I need, but looks like these are payable.


dont worry , i said i can share with you

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No, a good worker will adapt and learn to advertise and market themselves. A “good worker” would not concede when things are not going well, they would learn and find ways to make things happen. If anyone has done before, you can too.

Read the ENVATO license. You do not have the right to offer the product. This is unacceptable. Respect the licenses and the author. The products of ENVATO are just for “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged”