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Skills in demand

This is a general discussion to get an idea for me and for other new sellers. Opinion from experienced sellers are requested.
As far as I know, there are tons of gig for basic photo editing and background removal etc and you have to compete so hard that it is practically nearly impossible for a new seller to make a sale in these categories. People also encourage new sellers to respond to BR but there too, who would pick a new seller’s offer over hundreds of other or even few of experienced seller offers? I think no one.
So after a long preface simple question is that what are the skills in demand that new sellers may consider to develop? The skills that are in demand and also have a limited workforce?

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New sellers are usually here because they either already have a specific skill, or they have no skill and are tying to learn. If a new seller is already skilled, and just needs help with the business aspect, fine. But Fiverr is NOT a good place for ‘on-the-job’ learning. If you don’t already know how do do something and earn a poor review as a result of failing, it can ruin a new seller’s prospects.

If you want in-demand jobs: Nurses and doctors, and related medical fields. Councilors, therapists, biosciences. Skilled labor like automotive technicians and plumbers and electricians.


Whatever the skill, it might take years to develop it to the point that someone is willing to spend their hard-earned money to pay you to do it.

And by the time you develop that skill, something else might be in demand.

It would be better to think about things that you’re really, really good at already, and how to use those things/skills to offer services that are not already offered by tens of thousands of sellers.