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Skills in the profile are still not approved


I registered one month ago, but my skills and education are still in the “pending” mode. Is it normal?

And another question: what’s the point in putting meta tags under the gig, if they don’t pop-up in the search results?
I checked few other people’s gigs using tags they put in the description, and I couldn’t find them either.



I registered just last week on Fiverr, so I might not be able to give you a perfect answer to you question. However, I think the reason why your skills and education are still pending is because Fiverr don’t have them in their records. 1 month seems longer thought. I would advise you contact CS and relate your issue to them.

About meta tags…

As an Search Engine Optimization analyst, Fiverr meta tags are similar to keywords in the SEO field. Because you used some words as your meta tags doesn’t necessarily mean your gig would show up on front pages if those words are used as search terms.

Do you know why?

I think it’s because you’re not the only person using the same words as tags. So see it as that the competition level of your meta tags are very high.


Yes, but it’s only two of five.

Three others are pending, as well as my college course.


I understand that, but there are only 3(!) sellers here including me who offers this particular service. So these tags are pretty much unique, rather than overused and buried down somewhere on the back pages…


I noticed that if I used skills - or whatever - that weren’t already in their database, it just continues to be “pending”. After over two months of it “pending”, I just gave up and instead found words that are already in the database.