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Skills Test Removal (Some tests)

Aw you just have nine tests left. It looked to me you had taken most of them.

But you still have 49 skills listed.

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Maybe you’re seeing a cached copy. Try ctrl F5 or removing website cache. It only shows me 9 max now unless viewing Google’s cached copy, since Fiverr’s deletion (today?). 9 in public preview mode when logged in, 8 when logged in in normal mode. 9 When logged off.

edit: Skills yes you’re right, and it’s kept the green tick of most of them.


I’m sorry @uk1000 but the tests have never been a reflection on seller competency and buyers know it. There are so many flaws with them it’s crazy. Upwerk scrapped these months ago and I predicted it was only a matter of time until Fiverr did too.

You put a lot of value in these, but buyers don’t. Surveys also show this. In this case, it wouldn’t be in Fiverr’s interest to pilot a new round of tests. Especially not in the soon to be Fall Out 3 economy.


I’ve never taken one of those tests. It’s not relevant to my gigs.

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The tests are worthless, multiple services exist online that will take the tests for you for $10 and guarantee top scores.


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So that site was selling the answers to the test? wow. How would they take the test for you without having access to your account?
Reading their content it looks like they shouldn’t be taking any grammar tests but then they apparently have the answers all ready so it won’t matter.

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Sites like that are a reason why it might be better for Fiverr to create their own, unique tests. It should make cheating less likely (as they’d be different to ones used elsewhere) as well as give Fiverr more control over them. They could create a much bigger range of possible questions for each test (maybe helped by an algorithm (simple or, to make it harder for cheaters, more complex) to make it much harder for cheating. Fiverr could also report sites that offer cheating (if they were their own unique tests, the sites could be reported for copyright infringement).

Also, anyone who cheated could get found out when, after doing orders related to the tests taken, they couldn’t do them/couldn’t do them to the standard shown by their test results. Reviews would then likely be worse than they would otherwise.

They probably can’t, so it would be big security risk for anyone to ask them to.


They don’t have to take the test just provide a list of the questions that show up on the test with the answers.

Thanks for sharing the great information! It will help us a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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One more thing that I want to know “U.S English Basic Test” and “Basic English” those tests are the same or different?

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Hey, My taken test are available. First is SEO skill Assessment and second is social media marketing. :heart_eyes:

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I loved to apply the test

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My SEO Skill Test not appear in anywhere

Please see attached 1 images.

I marked the problem in attached images. I was taken SEO Skill Test Beta Exam and was passed with (7.5 Score on SEO Skill Test). But i accidently deleted my SEO skills. When I have deleted then i was added SEO as my skills but it doesn’t show on my profile. In my mobile app my SEO Score appear on my profile but not appear in Fiverr WEB. Please fix it early. t affected my profile and order’s. i think you might know better that A service based Skill Test how much important for seller on Fiverr. Please consider this and fix it ASAP. I waiting for your response.

Thank you for the updates. I want to take the SEO skills assessments test, however it is not showing on my profile. What should I do?

I took the English skills test last night, and because of Windows 10 notification popups, which stole focus from the test page, I am now blocked for 91 days from retaking the test. This means I cannot post my gig. The Electricity in our country is also very unreliable as our electricity provider, sometimes without warning, switches the electricity off for about two hours so that other users can have electricity. They rotate this for different users at different times, which will also cause to lose connectivity.

The signal for our Internet provider is also not always up to scratch, causing us to reset our router to be able to have internet usage again, also causing us to lose connectivity.

Maybe disable windows notifications before you run the test and you could turn them back on again after?

For that you could try getting UPS (uninteruptible power supply) or 2 so if the electric goes of you have at least some time to finish the test. eg. some can give 50 mins of battery backup (though it will depend on the power usage of what is connected to it/them to) - enough to complete the test which is 40 mins. It’s probably better for your device if it has a UPS anyway (and help prevent loss of Fiverr work), especially with an unstable electricity supply.

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I accidentally removed my verified skills now the verified icon not showing. Anyone knows what happened or how can i get it back.

Hmm, interesting! I’ve forgotten about these tests.

The only tests that are useful for my niche are U.S English Basic Test, English Language, and Customer Service. Although, I wish there were other languages grammar added such as ARABIC .

Actually, I open my Fiverr account in Feb 2020 and I passed 2 skills test and shown in my profile. But, after the update 1 gown and 1 show. That’s good. The main thing is, I can’t apply for another test and also any retake. It’s hidden in my profile and can’t show any Skills test button. Anyone help me.

Hmm, interesting! :relaxed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :innocent: