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Skills Test- What effect does it have?

Just curious as to whether or not anyone has taken the skills test that’s available under your listed skills section and if so, have the seen a boost in orders having that skills verification? Thank you in advance!

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it can increase your credibility to buyers


In theory, it can show that you have taken the time and effort to show what you know, and thus increase the likelihood of getting hired instead of someone who didn’t bother with the tests.

However, as the experience with another platform that had those tests but recently removed them shows, buyers don’t seem to pay any attention to the test results.


Interesting. It sounds like it’s worth doing, but it sounds like there is a subset of buyers who will not pay attention to results. This is useful to know, thank you both


Social proof fascinates me, especially when we learn about what engages and what doesn’t have an impact.


That’s interesting from the social science perspective. I found it more interesting from a business aspect as I plan to set up my gig on fiverr soon and wanted to acquire data on how many buyers would/have responded vs. don’t care either way