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Skills tests show no questions


Hi there,
I am trying to take some skills tests to improve my profile but all of the test show only the multiple choice answers but no questions. Please help as I cannot select an answer without knowing the question.


Well, that’s really weird. Can you show us a screenshot?
When a skill test starts, a new popup of the tab will open where it says this is a protected skill test… and after that, you start the test… you then see the questions and the options.

It is recommended to use Google Chrome for this Platform so try to use that. You can contact CS and they can help you with this issue.

Learn more about the skill test from here:


Hi there,
I’m not using Google Chrome because I am using Fiverr on my mac and iPhone so I have Safari.
Here is screenshot of what I can see when I try to take a test.


You can report it to CS telling them what browser you are using. But it shows them in other browsers. But there are sometimes other issues sometimes like a question asking about an image but not showing an image.

Reporting it to CS might be best. Hopefully they’ll get it working in all the major browsers.


Did you read the instructions? It looks like a link to them. I assume you click on each number for each question but I agree that’s very strange.


Yes, I read the instructions and clicked on each number to see if I could see any questions. It’s the same result each time. I can see all of the answer options but no questions.


Can you try switching to Chrome? It might work better in that browser.


yeah, I’m going to give Chrome a go but I’ll need to download it.


The numbers are just showing the current question you’re on. I don’t think they’re clickable. Normally for questions I think you click on an answer (such as true or false here) and then click on “next” for the next question. Or I suppose the “>” button might work in the screenshot above.


Two options, true and false are also visible at bottom side which indicates that it is indeed a question.


Okay, I can confirm that somehow these skill tests are not working properly on the Safari. :roll_eyes:

You have to install Google Chrome to use Fiverr unfortunately. I have also used Safari for Fiverr but I don’t receive notification tones on the safari so I had to switch. Now this, I am definitely not going back to Safari for Fiverr.

Fiverr recommends using Google Chrome because it is more versatile and open source Software.


But Fiverr could and should fix it. One browser shouldn’t have a monopoly. Fiverr should be working to web standards not just for 1 browser.

I think it’s best if it’s reported to Fiverr since it is a bug and it is also a commonly used browser.


Though Google’s Chrome isn’t open source and is owned by Google. It’s based on Chromium but Google could have added anything to it.

There is an open source browser called Chromium but I wouldn’t trust it.


Fiverr already know about the compatibility issues on other browsers specially Safari and Mozilla Firefox.
I don’t know why they are not working on fixing it properly. I had contacted Fiverr about some issues in 2016 but it seems that no major changes are happening.

Oh yeah… I forgot!

Fun Fact: You know Chinese government launched Redcore web browser which is actually a repackaged version of Google Chrome and they are calling it a first homegrown web browser. :laughing:

After some time, they updated their browser and calling it is based on Chromium.

From Wiki:

The company previously claimed Redcore used a new browser engine that was developed in-house. In August 2018, social media users revealed that Redcore’s internals was substantially similar to those of Google Chrome.


Though surely they would be more likely to fix the bugs and compatibility problems if users let them know. If no one ever lets them know about it or it’s very few people and only rarely they may be less likely to fix it. It may also be a reason for Fiverr losing money by buyers and sellers not using Fiverr because it doesn’t work with their browser even if it’s a popular browser. So fixing the problems could help buyers and sellers and profits.


Yeah, you are correct. Installing a different browser to use a single website doesn’t worth any type of effort or time. They should really need to fix it.
@lmcg89 you should report this bug to fiverr.
I am probably sure most of the Fiverr Internal team have an Apple device and they are still recommending only one browser to its users. :no_mouth:


How do I report this to CS? When I try they want me to pick my issue from a range of categories none of which this issue fits into…


Click on this link to raise a ticket. :sunglasses:
or you can also mail them on


Thanks, I’ve reported the issue.