Skrill Payment doesn\'t work


Hi guys. Was just curious if this happened to you too. I tried to pay a gig with my credit card via skrill and it doesn’t work. I called the credit card agency but they say there’s no problem with my card, the payment request hasn’t even reached them. Has somebody the same problem?

Thanks and have a good weekend


Hi there
I have just had the saME PROBLEM. Called Paypal there is no problem, calleds the bank there is no problem. Does Fiver send out paypal invoices, as I know I cant ask the seller?



I had the same problem, I have paid befor all the orders through my credit card with Skrill but now I cannot use this service with my credit card.


May be Skrill has changed their politics and now one cannot pay with “PREPAID CREDIT CARDS”,Credit card must be post paid.It happened to me with MICROSOFT BING ADDS account also.Befor they accepted PREPAID CREDIT CARDS and now they reject it.


same problem here. Come on guys sort it out. I need to place these orders. Managed quite a few, now nothing, payment screen just reloads after you submit your credit card details.
Found this:


Maybe you can try to contact Fiverr Customer Support, perhaps they can help you out on this.


I think it’s a security measure from skrill. You should contact their customer care