Skype and cancelation


I got this order from a guy who said it has something to do with translation. He only sends me all the time a txt document with his skype and asks for shared desktop. I dont want to do it since it is to unsafe and against the rules. He doesnt send me any other informations. He said I could cancel but I dont want to since it might bring my ranking down. What can I do? He gets kind on my nerves since its not my fault he just orders and then gives not informations and the only choice of canceling… Please help… Thank you! (Didnt find a way to write Fiverr in person… is there a help email?)



among lot of good buyer there are few not good, requesting a mutual cancellation will not reduce your ranking don’t worry.

but if he is refusing or if you do not want to mutually cancel this you can contact the fiverr support

above tabs you find “Contact Support” or use this link


I wouldn’t contact anyone outside of the Fiverr community - it is just not worth it and you risk getting taken advantage of. Imal365 is right - a mutual cancellation may affect your cancellation ratio and could bring your level down if you request more than around 10% of them when compared with your completed gigs but it is the best way and won’t bring your feedback down at all! Hope that helps!




That’s right, accepting to communicate outside of the Fiverr system could cost you more than it is worth, even if it looks innocent and tempting. If this chap insists ivyart, contact support, they will deal with it and you won’t be penalized <):slight_smile:


It will not effect your rating until you are over 20% on cancel ratio. Just cancel and tell the buyer how he has to submit info from now on or not to order again if he can’t do it.


Thank you so much guys. I will try to get the fiverr support for now since I had not planed to deal with that guy outside fiverr…seemed anyway a bit creepy that he insists that I add him on skype and he cant give me details to the job otherwise…


Reply to @imal365: Thx for that email for the support. I was already desperate since I could not find it :slight_smile: