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Skype and FaceTime, allowed or not allowed?

I have a situation…

I run a music magazine and I interview bands.

I would like to out source my work load to people/writers/journalists on Fiverr.

Ideally a quick Skype or FaceTime to do the interview would solve my problem but its not aloud.

Can someone tell me how I can achieve this but stay within in the laws of Fiverr.

Many thanks.

I think the most common solution to issues like yours is to simply talk to Customer Support and make them aware that you’re using Skype only for interview purposes. If you do get flagged, you’ll have proof that Fiverr has given you permission to do so.

WOW! So to clarify, do you know that Fiverr give permission to to sellers to use Skye or FaceTime?

Also to clarify, it wouldn’t be me using Skype or FaceTime. I would get some else to do that. I would be the buyer.

You are saying you wan to interview people on Skype but keep your own cam off?
Nope. Or hire someone to do your job of interviewing? Nope. But ask customer support to be sure.

Or you want to hire people who would interview bands? And you need to see them on Skype? That sounds like your main job which it would be best done by you. I don’t think fiverr is the right venue to hire someone for this. You would be hiring an employee, who would then be doing work totally off fiverr. This wouldn’t be allowed in my opinion.

Fiverr does give permission to certain sellers to use Skype. I don’t know about Facetime. The seller needs permission IF they are going to use Skype to communicate directly with you as a buyer. Now, that isn’t the case if you are hiring them to use Skype to interview someone else for you since that process would not involve you getting their contact information. It would take some work to find a seller you could count on if they are going to do interviews with other people on your behalf, so for that I would suggest someone with a lot of experience and you would be paying well over a $5 base gig fee.

If you are talking about you talking with a seller by Skype, they would need CS permission for that. In that case, the best thing to do is to search for gigs that actually have the word Skype in the gig description. Second, when choosing a seller that offers Skype related services, use a seller that is a leveled seller. I am not saying that to give preference to leveled sellers due to quality because there are some great new sellers.

In this case, the reason that I suggest a leveled seller is because a new seller might not realize they need permission for Skype and if they are in mid-gig with you when Fiverr notices it, the seller might be shut down. If you go with a leveled seller with reviews existing on the gig, chances are better that they do have appropriate permissions.

Finally, you can even ask the seller directly if they’ve obtained Customer Support permission before you place the order. You are still protected to a degree even if something does go wrong, since as a buyer you’ll get a Fiverr credit back if things don’t work out. You’ll have that credit available to use with another seller, but you won’t get a refund all the way back to your credit card or PayPal. I hope that helps!

total control is never good

I don’t understand how this relates to the thread.

Wow, great subject. I learned a lot in this thread and never knew this about skype. I guess once you start involving people’s image the rules change. Especially for $5 lol