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Skype gigs


I see some people have skype gigs on here. i was looking at doing a skype gig, but it states in the terms of service that we cannot give skype, email and phone numbers out to other.

anyone know how i can produce a skype gig?


I have a gig with Skype feature! Contact Customer Support and ask for their permission! Once they allow it you can contact via skype only for the orders that are made on that particular gig!


ok thank you


Key to getting a skype based gig approved is that it must be the “best way” (maybe even only way) to really deliver on the offering. For whatever reason, you cannot do direct phone. I’ve gotten one gig approved that is to a conference call line, I’ll be trying others in 2014


Ok, I think my gig will have what it takes to provide the best way of performing it through skype. Will prepare the gig and hope for the best. Thanks a lot for the help.