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Skype lessons, but outside communication forbidden?

After I created my gigs, providing Skype lessons in physics, I started reading here and got worried. Fiverr doesn’t want any outside communication, no email, no Skype. However, that seems somewhat problematic considering my gigs require outside communication :slight_smile: Since there are plenty of people offering Skype lessons here, clearly there is a way. However, the mental picture I have now is me typing “Hey, here’s my Skype name, see you on Monday” and some bot coming along telling me “Your account is suspended, have a nice day”. And then the customer service madness begins … Any tips on how I can avoid this scenario? How do the more experienced sellers handle this?

It’s a very interesting question as I thought about creating gigs that are using Google Hangouts or Google Duo (don’t understand why Skype still has users anyway, but this is another subject).

I also need an answer too… Is it that we are not allowed to communicate outside fiverr or it’s just the payment stuff?

Make a gig which states about your skype tutoring.
You can add your skype in requirement page… and when someone orders they will get your skype and they can contact you.
you can then contact customer support and tell them that your gig needs skype username exchange and if they publish your gig, you can sell without worrying about demotion and all :smiley:

understand the rules and play along,thanks

That sounds like a good plan, thank you! I’m still worried though. I fear that if I catch a customer service agent on a bad day, that might be the end of my gig.

You can contact Customer Support in advance, tell them what kind of gig you want to make, and ask for their advice how to do it without breaking the ToS.

Save screenshots of your conversation with them, in the case that something goes wrong later.

I would say I do understand the rules, but it seems that Fiverr tolerates the Skype lessons to some extent despite the TOS forbidding outside communication. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any tutoring or language gigs on Fiverr and that would be a loss for them.

Excellent idea, I will contact them and make a screenshot of the conversation for later use! I have to contact them anyways since none of my gigs appear in the search or the category … Might as well throw my question in.

In my industry, being able to live-chat with a cient is mandatory sometimes. That’s why having the ability to connect via ISDN, SourceConnect, SessionLink Pro, Hangouts, Skype or else is a standard in every decent recording studio.
I haven’t had to do so yet, but I wouldn’t hesitate to offer remote supervision if needed/requested by the client as that’s industry standard, and Fiverr’s tools (unlike other services such as Bodalgo with BodalgoCall) do not enable us to do so.

I used to consult through skype, but one day i shared my skype info through the conversation page… and lvl2 gone :stuck_out_tongue:
Well i will get it back but i will advice you to contact the cs after making the gig and always share these details on the order page :smiley: