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Skype skype skype...! [archived]

Just fed up of replying the buyers with same common message “Sorry I can not contact outside fiverr.” I Get almost an average 2 messages daily from different buyers saying “I want my work done…, Please refer more instructions in the attachment” . And in the attachment text file says " I want you to add me on my skype id … It will be easy for us to communicate and you do not have to pay fiverr fees as well… and so and so" Anyone else gets similar msgs ?

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Omg! I just got that same mssage, but from a seller. I sent them a message inquiring about their gig, and he replied back saying he can do it, and attached a .txt document. I was scared to open it at first. I have no idea what’s the deal with this skype nonsense, but I don’t like it. I had a bad feeling he wasn’t legit from his screen name, and so fourth. Smh

Reply to @musiclover: Not only buyers, even few sellers, few days back I asked a Level 1 seller about the backlinks for my websites, Just a general queries , and he replied.

“Hi, you can find the answers to all your questions in the attachment” and the attachment reads . "I am a professional SEO specialist, i will offer complete SEO pack for your website, and bring your website on the top of google in 30 days, Just contact me in my skype id… "

What I don’t understand is… how I see so many gigs in practice and have been for a while who offer language lessons via skype, financial advise etc. so forth. I see these guys with tens or hundreds of sales. How is that possible?

Reply to @madmoo: That’s what I do…just click “report spam/misuse” smh.

Reply to @madmoo: In the initial messages i just tell them that I can not contact outside fiverr, Many of them even force to do that, then I report them.

The worse part is, why not just GET a Skype approved gig.

When I have a buyer with lots of extra question (or especially a not yet buyer) I sort the “BSer” from the “Buyer” by saying, you have a lot of great questions, normally my time is available on fiverr for a discount at $5 for 7.5 minutes. Just order 1 gig and I’ll answer all your questions, order here.

If they don’t, I move on.

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I used skype a few years back, dialed my own number by mistake, scared the bejeebers out of myself when my own face answered the call. Just a little humour for everyone as everyone above me stated what I would say

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TN5rr, there’s a sci fi plot line there somewhere…

Your future self calls you with some important, but also coded message about some event which will play pivotal to your life and the survival of the entire human race!

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I get those also and I think they are scammers in some way just trying to set you up. I had a guy the other day asking if I had any other ways to make payments outside of Fiverr. I told him that I dont handle the payments that Fiverr does. Like really dude…if you cant pay the way Fiverr has it, what makes me think you would pay me outside of Fiverr…Sheese, total scam. There are many problems with the setup here, but at least the payments are secure.

Reply to @tn5rr2012: Hey tn5rr2012 , Just noticed the top rated batch, At last you reached there :slight_smile: , Congrats.

I get pretty nervous when I see people asking for my email address or asking for certain methods with which to contact me- I tend to click ‘report’ straight away. I would hate the idea of getting into trouble just because of some shady stranger.

Yep, I made a specific Skype just for fiverr gigs. I made a new email address with a “junk service” not a real domain I own. And I entered false info into it. LOL

Hi all

I’m new here so be patient with me. :slight_smile: I’m wondering how do you know if you have a Skype approved gig? I make it clear in my gig that it will be over Skype, but when I try to give the Skype address I get a warning from Fiverr that I’m not to give out my email or Skype. It’s just not clear to me how to proceed, as my whole gig is one-on-one over Skype, so I have to send them my Skype account.

Can anyone clarify?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the help!

I had it happen to me, yesterday, for the first time. (See my thread here: Is This Seller Scamming Fiverr?)

I can see that you Sellers would get the occasional Buyer-cheap*ss :)), trying to save a measly buck by contacting you outside of Fiverr.

But I was shocked to see a Seller risking losing his account (and he’s done MANY Gigs!), by sending me a txt attachment with ALL his contact info.

And as a response to my first contact with this Seller… and merely a general inquiry at that! :open_mouth:

I guess I have only had it happen once so far, I haven’t reported, though I haven’t given any details either. I guess I just figured if I’m not being harassed then it shouldn’t really matter.

I don’t know maybe I should, though I don’t think I’ll be bugged anymore about it, if so I might go a step further and report.

Reply to @multygraphics: Same thing happened to me, yesterday. (See my thread “Is This Seller Scamming Fiverr?”)

Seller replied to my general inquiry, telling me all the details were in the txt attachment. Attachment listed ALL his contact info, and demanded I contact him outside of Fiverr!??

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks for answering that question Madmoo, which I also wondered about.

I saw, not language lessons but rather, offers to do programming for the buyer. Writing a computer program according to the buyer’s specs is a very complicated task, and would require direct contact to review program code line by line, where discrepancies between the seller’s work and the buyer’s needs, appeared.

I just couldn’t understand how Fiverr could allow that… but reading your comment here, obviously they DO… in the case of certain types of Gigs.

@strongempathy I am the same. I offer coaching sessions to help people with confidence for public speaking and confidence for life. I had a session booked for this morning but the buyer didn’t show up. It is my first gig here so I am really keen to get good feedback (to get my first feedback:) I was wondering how we were supposed to connect to our buyer if we can’t use skype. Is there a fiver conferencing app we are supposed to use or do we have to follow a process to get Skype approved?

Cheers all

Happy gigging!