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How does the Skype thing work? It’s directly mentioned as a violation of Fiverr ™ usage to even provide a Skype user name to a buyer (or seller for that matter) and yet there are a load of gigs that are specifically for Skype consultations.

When I first joined Fiverr ™ it was my intention to offer my experience as a website reviewer, business consultant and marketer via live interactions with clients, but the rules say “NO!”. How do I make it happen?


This is something you need to discuss with customer support.

I believe that if your gig requires you use Skype, like Skype consultation gigs, etc… and it’s stated in your gig title/description that it is a gig requiring Skype, it’s OK.

I come to this conclusion because there are Skype consultation gigs and such FEATURED by Fiverr on the Fiverr website. Therefore, it must be allowed, only in certain circumstances of course.

Therefore, you should contact customer support and have them clarify in which circumstances it is ok. Explain to them what you plan to do and ask if it is ok.


To add my thoughts to this…I’d love to see Fiverr clarify this for all of us as to when this sort of thing is acceptable…and when it isn’t.


Thanks for help, prohelper27! I’ve been asking CS all sorts of stuff, so I thought I’d check with the Fiverr ™ pros first. :slight_smile:

I agree zulualpha, but I think between the fast & furious success of Fiverr ™ and the fact that an ‘ambiguous’ attitude leaves them plenty room to maneuver, the vagueness will continue indefinitely.