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Skyping Buyers


I do know that its against the TOS to ask buyers for their personal information, but I did once see a personal assistant gig with a girl offering to text, call, and Skype buyers so they can reach her at any time. I messaged customer support about this and they said that as long as you let the buyer know before hand you will be needing this information, its fine.

Does anyone else have any experience or clarification on this? Is this something that is allowed? I’m interested in offering Skype calls to my customers in case they’d like to better explain their company, and have added a description in my gig stating that I will require their username, but is this 100% ok with Fiverr?

Thanks for any help!

Hm, are you sure? Fiverr told me in an email you are fine to do so… I’ll try to find the conversation.

“Thank you so much for contacting us about this! Unfortunately, a link to your website is not allowed, even if there is no way to purchase from that website. However, you may be happy to know that there are a few alternatives which may be helpful to you. You may use URL’s to the following sites: YouTube, Flickr, Blogger, Tumblr and Soundcloud.” - Trisha

“If you would like to offer a Gig that requires an exchange of personal contact information, please mention the type of contact information you will request in the Gig title, Gig description and “instructions to buyer” message. Please do not share any contact information other than what is requested in your Gig, and only send this information from your order page.” - Ron

So, I do think it is OK, however, just a little scared as I don’t want to encounter any problems?

What they mean is that if the gig requres skype in general, it may be ok. So for example if you are offering “coaching sessions” then yes, you would need to give contact info. But your gig should say clearly what it is, and you should NOT give out your Skype information until AFTER someone has paid for your gig and it has to only be on the order page. This may be ok for maybe your Interview Gig, which makes sense you need to talk and interview them.

It is not for just chatting and getting more information about what a client wants for you to do in order for you to make the gig for them. Keep in mind that it is also for your own safety that you do everything in writing and not on Skype. You are only 18 so be aware that when you start having buyers cancelling a gig saying they didn’t like what you did and you get money taken away from you, you then have proof you can show customer support of what they requested and what you delivered.

Also, be careful you should not be giving out your website in your gig description. That makes it look like you are trying to get people to contact you off of Fiverr which is not allowed. Your website had a big contact tab at the top.

I will message CS and ask them specifically if its ok regarding my business plan gig (simply because there are some customers who want to explain their company in depth, and I have gotten quite a lot of Skype requests).

Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone - just an update on anyone reading the threat. CS said it’s best to not request information for Skype calls unless it is an obvious request, such as “I will tutor you on Skype” or similar gigs.

Thanks everyone for your help!

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you for your advice, its much appreciated!