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Slander on Fiverr

Hi all,
I’ve been working as a copywriter (apart from my regular job) for a couple years and in March I started my adventure with Fiverr. And… I’m extremely dissapointed.

That was my 10th order, a customer sent a file asking for correction, we agreed the price, the file was about 640 words. After I have sent the completed order, the client has realised that he had made a mistake and it had been a wrong file! He wanted me to correct 200 words more.

I offered an extension of the project for a nice price but he refused. He was keeping saying that I MUST do the rest of the text, couldn’t understand that my price was for the original file and it’s against Fiverr’s rules to work for free. How could I have known that he sent a wrong file…?

I sent an email to CS asking what I can do in this situation, a very nice lady just advised to wait for client’s response. But there was no response, and after the order had been automatically closed, I’ve blocked the user. The experience was extremely stressful for me at that point already and I wanted to avoid working with that person in the future.

After some time I get a negative comment, I was prepared for a 1 star review, which I am completely okay with but… the client accused me for cheating and taking money for nothing:
“She didn’t finish the job, took money for nothing and for all the file…”

I can’t tolerate slender and I sent an email to CS but they refused to remove content of the comment. Defamation in my opinion is very serious thing and we shouldn’t allow the customers to break our reputation, even if it’s in the digital world only.

I’m curious if anyone of you ever have a similar situation? What have you done? How to solve the problem in a peaceful way?

Have a lovely day,


Write a response to the review correcting her lie and explaining what happened.

Smart buyers take reviews with a grain of salt and know there are plenty of jerk clients out there.


Oof, I’m sorry to hear that. I’d be surprised if CS removed the review so just be prepared for that. I hope they do for your sake but I’m not sure there is a high success rate for review removal.

Well done for standing your ground and refusing to fo the work for free. Hopefully you left an honest review on that person’s profile too!


As stated above, reply to the review.

Agreed with the ‘well done’ for saying ‘no’. Their mistake isn’t your problem. (If it was even a mistake and not an attempt at free work.)

You could also state in the reply itself that the buyer attempted to break the ToS, by attempting to acquire services beyond the scope of the order, BUT that depends on the exact working of the order itself.