Sleep Mode


Kindly add a sleep mode or button through which Buyer gets to know that the person is not available at the moment. Everyone move forward when they don’t get reply. Example: My timing and Usa time doesn’t match. when i am sleeping i get messages for order and information and when i reply it is too late and the order is gone. If we have such kind of feature i guess the Buyer gets relaxed and won’t move forward and wait. Thank you :))


I don’t think this would help. Most likely, sellers who can’t wait half a day for a response are looking for someone who needs work started right away and are messaging a number of sellers. Even if there is a “sleep mode” option, those sellers will still probably try to find someone else during that time.

A buyer you’ve already worked with in the past might wait for you to respond, but I’m not sure a message telling him or her that you’re sleeping will affect the decision to purchase from you at all.