Slow Clients


I have had a fantastic experience here on Fiverr but some clients are really slow to box off work. Ironically, I have found that they are the ones crying for an immediate response like their world is going to end if I don’t deliver as fast as they would like. I deliver then sit around waiting for them to say the job is complete. I always point out to clients they can ask for a modification and I am not opposed to ensuring they are happy but some it’s like they disappear off the hemisphere for ages.

Is there any support in terms of this?

Nancy :slight_smile:


Yeah, some don’t mark complete which why the system will mark the complete in 3 dayas if they don’t do anything.


The jobs close out in 3 days if the buyer doesn’t do it, so it is not something to worry about.

For the buyers who needs things done fast, you do the job an then they are off and running. There is nothing to come back for. Just keep doing what you are doing, turn things around in a timely manner if you can and that’s that. Is there some other problem?