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Slow Download Speed In Fiverr

I have facing Fiverr download speed is very slow. 10mb file takes so long to download speed 15kbps only.
my internet is super fast all the other download servers working fast. but Fiverr Files very slow. I also lost some Clients due to Slow Download Speed.

anyone facing same issue?
or only my problem?
please let me know.


Its working fine for me

I also face same issue sometimes. :expressionless:

Sometimes Fiverr file system went slow, you can ask your client to send files/documents on google drive or any other 3rd party file sharing services. If this heppens on consistant manner , you may ask customer support to check if there any issue with your account.


I am facing the same issue now. It shows me only 6-12kbps.

Sometimes it cause the problem. You can Use any other Third party File sharing Service.