Slow for everyone this past week? Or because I lose my TRS?


Just curious if it was slower for everyone this past week? I realize it’s vacation month… so I’m really hoping that it’s just slow… and not because I lost my TRS.


Yes i have noticed the same. But my gig is shuffling dramatically. Sometimes its on first page, other times nowhere :frowning:


My orders for the past 30 days are 6 now. Couple of weeks ago, I got up to 28 orders in the last 30 days.

Got only 4 orders this month out of which 3 are from repeat buyers.


It huge effect cause of Fifa World Cup and also a summer vocation,
But when the Fifa is over the order is 80 percent to normal i thing when the summer vocation is off then it will become normal,so we have to wail till end of July,


Regardless of when you post about low sales, you will always get a few people to agree with you so not sure there is any real benefit to it.


I wish I could say it isn’t. There’s a strong possibility of it being the reason.


Slower for me too! A slight surge Friday - but not like normal.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: