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Slow january in my fiverr

I feel so discouraged when I don’t have work to do here. It’s been really slow in my corner, this is in comparison to my December Activities. My Buyers Request is really quiet as well. Is this a common frustration? Any jobs out there?


It’s been slow over here too. Buyers request is sooo slow. Hopefully, next month picks up. I’ve been using the down time to take a learn course and market my fiverr gigs. Keep on keeping on!


yes it is very slow.I don’t know why this month is so slow


Oh, am gonna pick your idea too and enhance my skills as I wait for clients. Thank you for sharing

I don’t get it. The economy must be shifting everywhere

Yes, I am also facing the same issue. I am so surprised why January is so slow. I am even not receiving any messages from new buyers. There is complete silence in my profile.


Same Problem Dear, I’m Working on fiverr since 1 year running but after December, I can’t gets Any New Order… I’m also worried about this situation

I hear you, and I have experienced slow times here as well. It is part of the freelancing life. And there is not always an answer. Keep improving your Gig, improving your craft, and be patience. So much is out of our control when it comes to this Gig economy.

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This is very encouraging to read

Seems we all have to practice a little bit of patience and understand the ins and outs of freelancing

I feel you on this one

Some what same condition here. I am getting buyer requests but I’m not getting many impressions and clicks on my gig. Its as if people stopped searching on fiverr since january

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i’m also not getting orders from last 3 months i don’t know why it happens my profile is totally’s been 4 years of work on fiverr but now it’s really disappointing.

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Yes! It’s very slow. I got Only 1 order in January :disappointed_relieved:

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don’t give up @semab123 , something will give

hope so but this march is also going worse.