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Slow messaging system

So I’m finally starting to get orders, and I find that I need to ages to get a message or have my buyer receive my messages. Why is Fiverr’s messaging system so slow?!

By the time I receive a message from someone, and I check the send time, I find that around 10-15mins have passed.

A fruit stand will send replies to customers faster than this type of shenanigans.

And I’m quite sure its not my internet connection.

i have same problem // what is the solution ??

Is the delay you’re talking about between the time the person sends the Fiverr message and the time you receive the email notification about it? I usually keep Fiverr open in a tab while I work throughout the day, so I often have message conversations on the website with clients, and those seem to go very quickly. I haven’t noticed how long it takes for the email alerts to arrive, though.

One time. I sent a message.

A boring story. A woman sends a message. Well, dear reader. I was able to weave 10 winter jackets with my hair. I cut it off, obviously. I don’t want to be near your armpits (and you don’t want to know about my organic dye, for that matter)

Fiverr notifications were the bane of my life. I had to wait. Women’s things. Cycles. Each item is carefully and very naturally processed. I just don’t understand why people get upset about it. It must be because of Fiverr’s message system.

plop fiverr msgs into your daily schedule. If the sale is looking good (or you want to play), get more frequent. My avg is 11 hours. Given by buyers are US/AUS, I’m cool with that.

Now, can I get back to my blood sacrifice?