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Slow Orders in the past couple of weeks ?!

Hate to be the person to start one of these threads, but is anyone else experiencing low Orders in the past couple of weeks?

Is it an American holiday something ?

Someone told me :

-Schools just let out recently in US.

-Lot’s of people on vacation too.

My views and orders have dropped too.

I am also having a bad period. Exactly two weeks. I guess it’s holiday time. This is my first year on Fiverr, so I don’t have any experience over summertime, I don’t know if this is regular…

Yeah Exactly,its what i think also.

There has been a lot of posts about slow downs…not sure why…but with constant changes ongoing at Fiverr I’m sure it has something to do with it.

I’ve actually seen an upswing in orders from the month of May. The end of June has been full for me; so much so that I’ve had to turn down work and send them onto other Fiverr members. Nice considering May was one of the worst months for me.

the past 2 months have been horrible for me. I barely get any orders now. its freaking me out :s

It could be the vacation season.

May was excellent for me, June not so much, but still decent. And right now I’ve got a bunch of orders to work on.