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Slow Period?


I have a question for the forum. I feel a little discouraged here. I joined almost 10 days ago (I know it is not that long). In this time period, I have had limited traffic to my gigs, yet I appear pretty high on the list when looking specific to my target area “business cards”. I know that the market for graphic design is pretty saturated but over the last 5 days the numbers on “my gigs” page have not changed (impressions/clicks/etc).

I am doing all the tricks to generate traffic but I feel like I am not seeing a return for my efforts. I thought for sure that I might get at least one sale by now. So is it me, is it something in my gig, is it different wording, or is it just a slow time in a saturated market.

:::Need encouragement:::


I am sorry you are frustrated. I am 60 days in and I was in the same situation as you. 20 years of experience and trying to increase some income. I jumped in with whiteboard and there are a lot of whiteboard gigs. Which was good. I was able to see what was working and how they presented it. As crazy as it sounds, I decided to package a service that I knew would take 1-3 hours to provide for $5 dollars. I knew 100 orders later I would be set. I asked a current customer to purchase a gig at my new site. That got me past the new order and no feedback problem. I believe you need 1 completed order with good feedback and 1 order in your cue to get your gig started. Think like a buyer and try to make your gig stand out from everyone else’s and make them believe you love what you do and you will deliver on or before it is due. Use the video to really show your personality and your passion. Consider delivery in 24 hours or less just temporarily. You can always change it the minute you start getting orders. Do not try to do everything “you do” and make it work for Fiverr. You and I both have things we offer that do not make good gigs. They are too customizable and not easily defined. Keep it simple and show exactly what you are going to deliver. Doesn’t sound creative, but people will know exactly what they are ordering. Make sure your title is very strong and different. Make sure you are using tags. I am up to 250 orders. Most of my gigs are $25-$125.00 now. Some of the people that bought $5 gigs earlier are now not having a problem paying $50.00. I delivered the $5 early projects like they were paying $50.00. It will snap for you hold on. If I can help more message me.


Fiverr has its ups and downs. I experienced a low period last month, but an insanely high surge this month. It all depends!


Yeah lots of ups and downs of late I think diversity of gigs helps. I have 7 going but want to get it up around 12.


It has been slow for me lately, too. I agree that there are ups and downs. I think that part of the issue can be that fiverr changes things up in terms of which gigs get good placement in search and more traffic. Also, the analytics showing traffic used to be a bit buggy and inaccurate–not sure if that is the case so much now.

I do think it can help your gigs to get an order or two. Do you have friends who could order your gigs, just to help you start getting a bit of feedback, etc? Another thing people sometimes do is run a promotion (here in the forums, or maybe on Facebook) with a new gig–offering a gig extra for free, etc, for the first 5 orders.


Thanks for the thoughts everyone! I did get one order on each of my gigs yesterday, so that was pretty exciting. We will have to wait and see if it helps. I figure that this is a tough week and expected slow period.