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Slow selling


This is sort of a rant and sort of a plead for help. I’ve been having a terribly slow selling period. Christmas is what two weeks away AND spring semester for my college is on its way too. That means money for gifts and books and tuition are needed. Fiverr is a great way for me to make some extra cash because my part time job is through the school which means only a few hours a week (6hrs). I send suggestions to buyers all the time!! I need help! Some free advertising ideas or something!!


Maybe you could write to CS and ask nicely if they would consider placing you on the front page. I think you have a chance, especially with all of your great feedback. It’s worth a try.


Thanks that may be just what I need!


You can use your free time to promote your gigs via social networks, twitter, Facebook, pinterest, basically promote your service all over the internet.



Placed an order for an ad/graphic layout. You should see it soon, or at least when the current system errors ger cleared up.


What about doing a more general blogging/writing gig? Seems like a lot of people are looking for written content.


Great suggestions everyone thanks!! :slight_smile:


It might just be that what you do isn’t in demand in this period of the year… :frowning: Good luck!


offer as many writing gigs as you can, you only have 1!

I will write 500words about fashion for your blog.

I will guest blog for you.

tons of people need content for their websites, go for it