Slow start on Fiverr. I could use some tips from the pros


I joined Fiverr, 8 days ago. I uploaded a few gigs. So far, I have been unable to post offers to buyers. (I have sent in a support ticket with no response.) So far, I have not made many sales. I have only had 11 sales (one guy canceled because he said he clicked on my gig by mistake). A lot of people on here seem to be making far more money than I am. I saw one post where a woman had a gig for $75.00 ??? For some reason, I am only getting paid $4.00 a gig, not $5.00. If I take the money out via Paypal, I’ll only end up with $3.63 per gig. What is up with that and how do I get to be able to charge more like the woman with the $75.00 gig ?


Reply to @kjblynx: hey i joined fiverr 26 days ago and i have created 18 gigs but till now i did not get any single order. I m very disappointed :frowning: please help me


It takes some time to get the momentum going. Try promoting your gigs on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can’t rely on “foot traffic.”


Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you for your reply but can you tell me that what to say in a video like if i m designing a logo, so i create a video and say that i will create a logo?

The same thing i m saying in the title and description also.

I means what to describe in a video.

Sorry for my bad English